Baba’s Boobies – CIBC Run for The Cure

With October swiftly approaching, The Penzo Team is taking a moment to pause, reflect, and find ways to contribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Breast cancer is something that has likely impacted the majority of you reading this. Most of us know someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and have seen its effect on the individual as well as friends and family around them.

For us, breast cancer is a particularly personal matter, as our team leader, Debbie Penzo was diagnosed with Stage 3 Locally Advanced Breast Cancer in October of 2016. After undergoing 8 months of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, she received Herceptin for a year and continues to receive infusions to help prevent a recurrence.

Moved by her experience, Debbie laced up her sneakers in 2017 to participate in Run for the Cure. Passionate about the cause, she became a top fundraiser that year and, as a result, was invited to be the Survivor Speaker at the Toronto Central Chapter the following year in 2018. She made us incredibly proud by sharing her story in front of 12,000 people.

What began as complete fear, sadness and confusion evolved into a journey of survival and incredible love and support from friends, family and the community we are so proud to be a part of. On behalf of all of us, we are eternally grateful. 

Today, five years have passed since Debbie completed her treatments. She will never forget what she endured. There are long-term physical and psychological effects but she pledges to constantly fundraise and raise awareness to find a cure so that our daughters and granddaughters will never have to fear a breast cancer diagnosis.

To show our support for all Canadians impacted by breast cancer, we are participating and fundraising for this year’s Canadian Cancer Society CIBC Run for the Cure on Sunday, October 2, 2022. We are thrilled to see the return of this event! Please donate today and come walk with Baba’s Boobies to show your support! Together, we can give Canadians impacted by breast cancer a reason to have hope and change the future for all!

With love & gratitude, 

The Penzo Team