5 Tips for Designing & Decorating to Sell

When it comes to selling a home, there’s no doubt about it, homes that show well are easier to sell! Not all buyers have “the vision” to look past dated spaces and flaws, however minor. So, when time and budget allow, we always recommend planning ahead and taking the time to make those changes, updates and additions to make all the difference and result in the highest return for your investment. 

If you’re thinking about selling, with long winter months ahead, we recommend taking advantage of this traditionally quieter season in order to have your home prepped and ready for the spring market! We sat down with our partners at Homekin & Urban Blueprint Developments to put together a list of recommendations. Here’s what they suggest… 

1. Bring in a Pro

Whether you choose to hire a designer to tackle the entire project or opt for a one-hour design consultation, we always recommend bringing in a professional for a second opinion. This will ensure you allocate your budget in the most effective way and include those small details that will make all the difference. This preliminary stage is a perfect time to engage our team, as with our one-stop-shop philosophy, we can spend time with you, alongside the Homekin and Urban Blueprint Developments teams, to offer expert advice on what should be done in order to prepare your home for the Spring market.

2. Consider Your Neighbourhood

When making design and decor decisions for your home,  it’s important to remember that real estate is hyper-local. What this means is that not all styles and trends will work for all neighbourhoods. When updating your home to sell, put aside your own tastes and think about potential buyers. Ask yourself; what is their lifestyle? Do they have a young family or are they single or retired? What is their socioeconomic position and what priorities come with that? The answers to these questions will drive the design theme that runs through the home. For example, in younger, Eastern District neighbourhoods such as Riverdale, Leslieville or The Beach, buyers gravitate towards a more minimalist look. We are seeing a pull towards a lot of organic and earthy materials such as raw, live-edge tables, incorporation of greenery, and oak shelving whereas Rosedale or Summerhill buyers, for example, seek a different look entirely.

3. Create Multipurpose Spaces

Although the concept of multipurpose spaces really gained momentum during the height of the pandemic, it is a trend that is here to stay as we head into 2023. Both Urban Blueprint and Homekin have had numerous conversations with clients seeking game tables in their living rooms or great rooms to enjoy time as a family as well as dens that can also serve as guest rooms and home offices. Having an expert to guide you will allow you to make the most of each space in this way.

4. Embrace Drama

The all-white look has been popular for a long time but lately, alongside our sister companies, we are seeing a rise in clients embracing drama! And drama can come in many forms! For some, it’s by adding in dark accents; black doors, matte black fixtures, and one dark room like a study or powder room! Others choose to liven up spaces with patterns and bold colours in the form of intricate wallpapers in powder rooms or kids’ rooms or vibrant, patterned throw pillows and artwork, just about anywhere.

5. If in Doubt, Start with the Basics

A lot of clients balk at the idea of spending money on a home they intend to sell but the reality is, small, cost-effective updates can be done quickly and make all the difference. For example, for a recent listing in the Summerhill neighbourhood, our team painted the home, changed light fixtures, and added new hardware in key areas and all within one week! The point is, at minimum, paint is a must and a simple update. In addition to walls, we recommend painting kitchen cabinetry and, when necessary, adding in new countertops and backsplashes can go a long way to update and elevate a kitchen. New light fixtures have a similar effect, as do fresh stair runners or carpets where necessary.

Not sure where to being? Get in touch and our team will be happy to help guide you through the process!